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POSitive For Retail

Pricing starts at $990.
POSitive For Retail is designed for small retailers
and it streamlines inventory management and reporting,
automates transactions and easily tracks customer
information and sales history.


POSitive For Business

Pricing starts at $1990.
PRM is a total store management solution,
with multiple sale options, inventory management,
customer marketing and accounting.


POSitive Green Enterprise Management

The new POS standard for the Garden Industry.
POSitive GEM has many exclusive features you
can't get anywhere else, regardless of price!


POSitive For Restaurant Equipment

POSitive For Restaurant Equipment brings AutoQuotes
integration, sales, inventory management, accounting,
reporting, marketing, and e-commerce, together into a
powerful, easy to use package.


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Customer Comments

"The team at POSitive Software Company is Professional, helpful and quick to respond when the need arises. We have been using POSitive For Windows since 2000 and our transition to POSitive Retail Manager was as smooth as we could expect. Thank you for your great support and software that helps run our business effectively and efficiently."
Wayne Lecomte
Progressive Audio Inc.


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